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  • Flatey Lighthouse

    Flatey Lighthouse

    In the Breidafjord lies the small island of Flatey home of the illusive Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius). Unfortunately we didn’t see him. What we did see was an even smaller island just outside Flatey with a small lighthouse on top of it. Combined with a smooth ocean and a brightly […]

  • Rottummerplaat


    Rottummerplaat, the Netherlands The northernmost part of the Netherlands consists of two small islands called Rottumeroog and Rottumerplaat at the end of the Ems-estuary where the Wadden Sea and the North Sea meet. Originally the islands were man-made in the 1950’s in an effort to protect the northern coast from […]

  • Schiermonnikoog – the Netherlands

    Schiermonnikoog – the Netherlands

    After six weeks of wonderful indian summer we went to the National Park Schiermonnikoog. Located in the Waddensea the island is a paradise for various shorebirds who use the island as shelter during high tide when the mudflats of the Waddensea become submerged. At low tide the birds feast on […]