RV_08062012Born in the early sixties of the 20th century I soon became interested in the world around me and ways to capture it. First in drawings and paintings but gradually switching to photography. I was fortunate to grow up in a beautiful environment with lots of things to discover. After spending my teenage years aiming for a place in the Olympic sailing team (but never managed to do so) I studied marine biology and terrestrial geography. After graduating I spent some time in the USA and in Spain before settling down in those tiny but beautiful Netherlands. Now I work as an ecologist for the Government Service for Land and Water Management, writing and editing management plans for Natura 2000-areas.

I started photography some thirty years ago and continued doing so for approximately five years. After that things got a little bit quiet. For a brief moment I took up video and tried to make movies but ended up making photographs with a video camera. At the beginning of the century I discovered the possibilities of new technologies like auto focus and digital imaging and started to make more pictures again. I sold my old Pentax gear and started building a new Canon EOS system.

My general photographic interests are landscapes, animals, plants and things that can’t be made with the camera but can be with a computer and a skilful mind.  I discovered the world of macro photography. and super-tele shooting. Butterflies and Dragonflies are subject to my photographic efforts, but most the time I can spare for photography is spent on birds.  For the second time I experience the joy of learning about photography. Together with the participation in photography fora and review sites, an own site offers the opportunity to share and learn with others who have the same interests.