• Hawk Owl

    Hawk Owl

    Every once in a while nature acts weird. Take for instance the northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula). It’s natural habitat is the boreal forest of the Northern hemisphere. There, it lives and thrives far away from the bustle of human society. Then all of a sudden a hawk owl appears  […]

  • Albino Hare

    Albino Hare

    When roaming around the Zuidlaardermeer-area my eye was suddenly caught by something extraordinary. There in the middle of the road stood a hare (Lepus europaeus). Hares are quite common but this one was white like snow, and that is quite uncommon. Albino hares are extremely rare. As far as I […]

  • Lanzarote ‘El Jable’

    Lanzarote ‘El Jable’

    The most eastern island of the Canary Islands is Lanzarote. Like all the Canary Islands, Lanazarote owns it’s existence to volcanism.  Craters and volcanoes dominate much of the island. With 824 square kilometers it isn’t very large and that fact, combined with the marvelous weather makes it ideal for a […]